You ask.

Some of the most common questions our clients ask along their financial journey: 

Why should you make Red River Financial the first stop on your financial journey?

Red River Financial is one of the leading financial, retirement, and business planning offices in the Midwest with a proven record of guiding their clients through various market environments and helping them realize their goals.

Is Red River Financial a fiduciary?

Yes. As a fiduciary, we always act in our clients' best interests.

Can you help me if I don’t live in the Fargo/Moorhead area?

Yes, many of Red River Financial’s clients live outside of the Fargo-Moorhead area. We have affiliate offices across ND and in the Greater Twin Cities area. See FINRA Broker Check for the states we are licensed in.

Does Red River Financial require a minimum amount of assets or investments to participate in its services?

No. Every situation is different and Red River Financial works with a variety of people at different stages in their financial journey.

Do Red River Financial’s services extend beyond investments?

Yes. We work in a planning capacity with many clients who utilize Red River Financial just for financial planning, but we’re also able to manage investments and help in all the ways discussed on our site.

Do you work on a fee basis?


Do you prepare taxes?

Red River Financial does not perform tax preparation. Our job is to work side by side with your tax professional to help with your tax planning and find areas of opportunity. If you need a tax preparer or CPA, we can recommend one of our highly-rated tax preparation partners.”


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